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The series of publications marking the 30th anniversary of Wardyński & Partners offers a concise cross-section of texts summarising and synthesising our first 30 years of practice. Drawing from our experiences, we present visions and solutions for the future. The first volume is devoted to dispute resolution.

We write about what people quarrel over, why litigation lasts so long, and what can be done to help trials function more smoothly in Poland. We discuss one case that stretched over 22 years, describe the transformation in Polish civil procedure over the last three decades, and attempt to predict the future of the legal profession.

We also point to alternative methods of funding litigation, analyse the future of investment disputes in a world without bilateral investment treaties, criticise the habit of likening arbitration to litigation in the state courts, and examine the advantages offered by alternative dispute resolution in public administration.

We present a proposal for a set of practical principles that should guide judges and attorneys in their mutual dealings. We believe that spreading and implementing best practice in this area would be beneficial for the Polish justice system.