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The series of publications marking the 30th anniversary of Wardyński & Partners offers a concise cross-section of texts summarising and synthesising our first 30 years of practice. Drawing from our experiences, we present visions and solutions for the future. The fourth volume is devoted to entrepreneurship.

We discuss issues of particular importance to businesses: employment, competition, public procurement, globalisation, the new simple stock company, the right of representatives to act for a company, bankruptcy and restructuring.

We write about the role of competition law in an age of growing social inequality, and the concept of enterprises as national champions expected to operate under double standards. We show why it will become increasingly difficult for employers to maintain the confidentiality of their payroll. We discuss problems with the digitalisation of public procurement and restrictions on cross-border activity. We point to the advantages of the simple stock company and show how misleading it can be to rely blindly on entries in the National Court Register.

Finally, we devote some attention to bankruptcy and restructuring. We discuss problems with the definition of insolvency and point to the spectacular results that can come from close cooperation between a debtor and its creditors.