The law firm grows: New general partners and contract partners

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The law firm grows: New general partners and contract partners

Dr Antoni Bolecki, Stanisław Drozd, Łukasz Lasek, Magdalena Świtajska and Dr Kinga Ziemnicka have joined the ranks of the general partners of Wardyński & Partners. Jakub Barański, Piotr Golędzinowski, Dr Monika A. Górska, Dr Maciej Kiełbowski, Dr Joanna Prokurat, Radosław Wasiak and Dr hab. Marcin Wujczyk have been named contract partners.

New general partners

Dr Antoni Bolecki, attorney-at-law, with a doctorate in economics and management, is responsible for the firm’s Competition & Consumer Protection practice. He specialises in competition and consumer law as well as judicial and administrative proceedings, including regulatory proceedings. In representing his clients every day, he relies on a strong theoretical foundation established through his scholarly work. He has participated in many of the largest transactions in Poland as well as leading judicial and antitrust proceedings, particularly in the FMCG, financial, energy, TMT, and rail sectors.

Stanisław Drozd, adwokat, handles arbitration matters as well as dispute management, combining alternative methods for constructive resolution of complex commercial disputes. He represents clients in Polish and international arbitration proceedings as well as negotiations involving protection of investments, M&A, long-term commodities supply contracts, distribution agreements, joint-venture agreements and other commercial undertakings. He is a certified mediator and holds TenStep certification in project management. He is also a solicitor of England and Wales (non-practising).

Łukasz Lasek, adwokat, handles international commercial disputes and criminal cases involving serious fraud, corruption, and money laundering. He is a certified mediator at the Mediation Centre at the Polish Bar Council. He holds qualifications in Poland (adwokat) and in England and Wales (solicitor, not practising). He is a member of the Warsaw Bar Chamber, the Law Society of England and Wales, and the European Criminal Bar Association. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the Academy of European Law in Trier, Germany, and the Dean’s Global Advisory Board of Indiana University Maurer School of Law in Bloomington (USA).

Magdalena Świtajska, adwokat, handles individual and collective labour law, in particular difficult redundancies of senior managers and protected workers, employment restructuring, transfers, cross-border aspects of employment law, and employment-related civil and criminal matters. She also heads the firm’s Global Mobility practice, advising on legalisation of work and stay of third-party nationals in Poland, delegating third-party nationals to work in Poland and delegating Polish citizens to work abroad. She is qualified as a solicitor of England and Wales (not currently practising).

Dr Kinga Ziemnicka, attorney-at-law, specialises in corporate law and M&A, and heads the firm’s Corporate Accounting practice, advising clients on tailoring their capital structure to suit their operating needs. She coordinates legal support for clients in M&A transactions, including development of the transaction structure, due diligence, negotiation and drafting of agreements for sale of shares and enterprises, and investment agreements involving establishment of corporate relations. She represents clients in corporate disputes between shareholders and challenges to corporate resolutions. She also provides ongoing advice to clients on creation, restructuring and liquidation of companies and partnerships. She earned a doctorate in 2016 with a thesis on corporate equity.


New contract partners

Jakub Barański, adwokat, handles primarily cross-border judicial and arbitration disputes of a commercial nature, particularly disputes arising under the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. He also takes part in cybersecurity cases, both civil and criminal, including cases involving phishing, business e-mail compromise fraud, and liability of online cryptocurrency exchanges for loss of funds. He has experience in protection of intellectual property rights, particularly trademarks and trade secrets, as well as anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations. He is also involved in the operation of the firm’s Korean Desk.

Piotr Golędzinowski, attorney-at-law, specialises in litigation and arbitration proceedings requiring deep knowledge of finance and accounting. He also advises in a range of commercial matters, including matters arising under competition law, as well as construction and infrastructure disputes. He has a degree in finance and holds Polish and English professional qualifications. He is a member of the ADR Committee of ICC Poland and the Programme Council of the Strategic Litigation Programme at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.

Dr Monika A. Górska, attorney-at-law, advises clients on matters involving trademark, copyright, and unfair competition. She also advises in processes concerning commercialisation of knowledge. She works for Polish and foreign clients operating in various sectors of the economy, such as pharmaceuticals, new technologies and IT.

Dr Maciej Kiełbowski, adwokat, advises clients in administrative matters and represents them in proceedings before the administrative courts. He heads the Government Claims practice and helps resolve issues faced by clients arising under public law. He has a wealth of experience in matters involving planning and zoning, construction law, infrastructure projects (road and rail), and road transport. In his advice for the rail sector, he works for rail market participants and NGOs. He advises local governments on matters such as disputes relating to educational grants, execution of communal projects, and access to public information. On an everyday basis he also represents clients in judicial disputes, having taken part in numerous complex projects and litigation concerning matters such as infrastructure for the Euro 2012 European Football Championship and pursuit of substantial claims for damages arising out energy infrastructure projects. He has represented clients in numerous cases before the Supreme Court of Poland and the Supreme Administrative Court. He is the author or co-author of numerous books, articles and commentaries on administrative procedure and administrative court procedure.

Dr Joanna Prokurat, tax adviser, advises clients on Polish and international tax law, social insurance, and state aid. She provides tax advice on M&A, financing and real estate. She serves clients from the tech sector, including FinTech and gaming companies. She conducts tax reviews, including due diligence. She represents clients in tax audits, tax proceedings, and administrative court proceedings. She provides ongoing tax advice and training. She advises entities seeking support for their operations, including state aid, assisting them in identifying potential support instruments and advising them on implementation and accounting at all phases of project execution.

Radosław Wasiak, adwokat, practises energy law, geological and mining law, and real estate law. He advises clients from the energy sector on project implementation, securing title to land and infrastructure, and on transactional, corporate, contractual and regulatory matters. He regularly advises energy companies investing in new sources, enterprises planning and carrying out exploration, prospecting and mining of deposits of hydrocarbons and other minerals, as well as clients planning and pursuing real estate projects. He negotiates and drafts contracts for sale, lease and tenancy of real estate, including agricultural land, and all types of contracts related to implementation and support for the real estate development process (design works, EPC, FIDIC, O&M, supply contracts) and contracts across the energy field. He also advises clients in administrative and administrative court proceedings within his specialisation. He is a consultant to international institutions and organisations on changes in construction law and the mining industry.

Dr hab. Marcin Wujczyk, attorney-at-law, practises individual and collective employment law, with a particular emphasis on issues of discrimination, mobbing, and employers’ cooperation with trade unions. He advises some of Poland’s largest companies on group redundancies, transfer of enterprises, and anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination proceedings. He provides immediate support in the decision-making process for management boards and HR directors of Polish and international companies. He is a lecturer in the Department of Labour Law and Social Policy at the Faculty of Law and Administration at Jagiellonian University.