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Wardyński & Partners


We are a member of numerous organisations, including Lex Mundi, a network of leading independent law firms from over 100 countries (one per jurisdiction), and World Services Group (WSG), an organisation of renowned professional services firms—not only law firms.

Our growing network of contacts with the finest lawyers and firms in the world gives us access to global know-how, so we can better serve our own clients.

American Counsel Association

Tomasz Wardyński is a member of the oldest association of independent law firms throughout the world –  American Counsel Association, founded in the United States in 1928.

Antitrust Alliance

The competition law practice group is a member of the Antitrust Alliance, an organisation formed from specialised teams of independent law firms in Europe to guarantee the highest quality of legal advice in this field.

The firm is also represented in the European Association for Legal and Fiscal Studies.

Wardynski & Partners is a member of BioForum. The BioForum Association of Biotech Companies was established to support the dynamic development of innovative biotechnology companies in Poland operating in the key sectors of health, industry and agriculture.

Wardyński & Partners is a supporting member of BioInMed, the Polish Association of Innovative Medical Biotechnology Companies. BioInMed was established to protect the rights and represent the interests of member companies in Poland and abroad, and to raise the innovativeness of the Polish economy by promoting investments in medical biotechnology and systemic solutions supporting the development of the industry.


CAPIP.EU Coalition Against Piracy

Wardyński & Partners is one of several law firms in CAPIP.EU, fighting against counterfeiting and piracy and providing legal assistance to injured parties in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and the Balkans.

Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP)

Wardyński & Partners is a member of the Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP). CEEP represents the interests of the energy and energy-intensive companies from Central Europe in order to strengthen the region’s energy security within the framework of a common EU energy and energy security policy.

European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

Wardyński & Partners is a member of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). EBAA is the leading organisation for operators of business aircraft in Europe. EBAA represents more than 700 companies from across the entire value chain of the European Business aviation industry.

European Employment Lawyers Association

We are a member of the European Employment Lawyers Association, an organisation founded under German law, which unites lawyers specialising in employment law across the EU.

European Law Institute

The firm has been accepted into the circle of institutional observers within the European Law Institute – an independent organisation, whose aim is to improve the quality of European law.

International Bar Association and American Bar Association

Wardyński & Partners is an active member of international bar associations, such as the International Bar Association (IBA) and the American Bar Association (ABA). Partners participate in committees and working groups in both organisations, and act as speakers at international conferences and seminars organised for both of these organisations’ members, which is of real benefit to the firm’s clients.

ICC Poland – the Polish National Committee of the ICC

The firm is a member of the ICC Poland – the Polish National Committee of the ICC. The mission of ICC Poland is to represent on a global forum of the ICC the interests of the Polish business community and shape the global economic environment by promoting international trade and investment through a rules-based multilateral system. ICC Poland acts through sectoral commissions in the fields of: arbitration, ADR, banking, competition and intellectual property.

International Trademark Association

Wardyński & Partners is a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA) that is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to the support and advancement of trademarks and related intellectual property as elements of fair and effective national and international commerce.

Space Technology Cluster

The Space Technologies Cluster works for cooperation and promotion of the Polish space industry. The organization was created at the initiative of EXATEL, a Polish telecommunications operator, and brings together leading entities in the space sector. The Cluster includes the country's most important commercial companies (both private and state-owned), scientific and research organizations, representatives of the academic community and institutions surrounding the space sector.

Coalition For Polish Innovations

Wardyński & Partners is one of the founding members of Coalition for Polish Innovation. The Coalition for Polish Innovation seeks to raise the level of innovativeness in the Polish economy. Its ambition is to develop and implement pro-innovation solutions and promote growth of the R&D sector in Poland.

Confederation Lewiatan

The firm is a member of Confederation Lewiatan – an organisation which lobbies on behalf of  Polish business and promotes the development of free enterprise and economic growth.

The Polish Council for Supplements and Nutritional Foods (KRSiO)

The firm is a member of the Polish Council for Supplements and Nutritional Foods (KRSiO), an association whose aims include adapting legal regulations to latest scientific developments in dietary supplements and supporting the development of the supplements and nutrients sector. The association’s membership is comprised of manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements, consulting firms and law firms that specialise in food law, as well as distinguished experts on supplementation.

Lex Mundi

Wardyński & Partners is the exclusive member firm in Poland for Lex Mundi – the world’s leading network of independent law firms with in-depth experience in 100+ countries worldwide. As part of the Lex Mundi global network, we can provide our clients with preferred access to more than 21,000 lawyers around the world – all from a single point of contact.

Loan Market Association (LMA)

Wardyński & Partners is a member of the Loan Market Association that has as its key objective improving liquidity, efficiency and transparency in the primary and secondary syndicated loan markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

London Court of International Arbitration and ADR Worldwide (LCIA)

Wardyński & Partners’ dispute resolution and arbitration specialists are members of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) that is an international institution that provides administration of commercial dispute resolution proceedings for all parties.

L2B Aviation

We belong to L2B Aviation – the world’s largest international network of lawyers specialising in aviation law.

International Fiscal Association Polish Branch

Wardyński & Partners is a member of the International Fiscal Association Polish Branch (IFA), which deals with the study and development of international and comparative law on public finances, in particular tax law.

New York State Bar Association

Due to the efforts of a  number of the firm’s lawyers we are a member of the prestigious New York State Bar Association – an organisation promoting legal reform and acting to maintain the highest standards of the legal profession: integrity, honour, professional skill.

Polish Private Equity Association

Wardyński & Partners is an associate member of the Polish Private Equity Association that gathers private equity/venture capital investors active in Poland, and other persons, companies and institutions interested in development of the private equity/venture capital industry in our country

Restructuring Practices Association

Representatives of the firm are members of the Restructuring Practices Association – an organisation which arose to integrate restructuring practices and to improve the quality and effectiveness of the restructuring processes on the Polish market.

Competition Law Association

Wardyński & Partners is a member of the Competition Law Association – knowledge sharing organisation of Polish lawyers advising in this practise area.

Polish Employment Law Association

The firm is a member of the Polish Employment Law Association, which brings together lawyers specialising in employment law, to enhance their professionalism. One of the partners of the firm is a co-founder of the association.

The Center for American and International Law

The firm is a member of the Center for American and International Law, dedicated to developing the continuing education of lawyers in the United States and throughout the world.

Three Seas Legal Alliance

Three Seas Legal Alliance is a group of 12 leading independent law firms in the Three Seas countries.  The member law firms, all recognized internationally and experienced in cross-border cooperation, have collaborated with each other on many multi-jurisdictional projects, involving, among others, financing, permitting, procurement, project documentation, real estate, regulatory, state aid, and taxation.  Together, our member firms provide legal advice in every jurisdiction across the Three Seas Initiative region.  With our size and expertise, we are poised to deliver the expertise and resources needed by all participants in Three Seas Initiative projects.