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Media & Advertising

We provide comprehensive legal assistance to clients from the media sector in their ongoing operations. We advise artists, performers, producers of musical and audiovisual works, publishers, entities from the advertising and internet industry, media houses, PR agencies, and organisers of cultural events.


We provide comprehensive legal advice to press, radio, television and internet publishers.

We advise and provide opinions at the stage of drafting press reports and gathering materials. We review information and analyse draft content to assess the legal risk connected with publication. We also provide support in the area of potential consequences of publication of press materials.

We review and draft responses to pre-litigation demands, claims, and requests for corrections. We provide comprehensive advice also in matters related to access to public information.

We provide litigation support to publishers, editors and journalists in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings. In particular, we represent our clients in proceedings involving protection of personal interests and in defamation cases involving mass media.

We conduct proceedings against persons committing wrongful acts against press representatives, such as exerting pressure on journalists and inhibiting criticism in the press.

We draft documents essential in everyday press activity, such as licence agreements, copyright transfer agreements, and agreements with subjects of broadcasts and publications.

We draft and review contracts relevant to the activity of media entities, such as copyright transfer agreements, licence agreements, contracts for exploitation of works, and contracts for creation of works. We actively participate in negotiations along with our clients, with a view to the broadest protection of their interests before signing of the contract and during the course of performance.


We assist in copyright management and provide ongoing legal support for electronic media and radio and TV broadcasters. We represent our clients in proceedings before the National Broadcasting Council and the president of the Office of Electronic Communications, among other matters in concession proceedings and cases involving radio frequencies.

We review the compliance of broadcasting activity with applicable regulations, including the Broadcasting Act, and provide ongoing advice on programme compliance.

We have a wealth of litigation experience representing clients before the Supreme Court, the lower courts, and national regulators. We advise media clients on consideration of complaints and claims.

We offer a full range of legal support in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings related to media activity. On behalf of our clients, we conduct negotiations and participate in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

We actively support entities operating on the media market in combating unfair competition and infringement of personal interests.

We support our clients in combating infringements of copyright and prosecuting infringers.

We advise creators and producers at the stage of production of works and also assist in managing their copyright portfolio. We draft contracts and represent clients in negotiations with acquirers of copyright.

We offer legal support from the initial stages of creation of audiovisual works, advising among other areas on screenplays and working production materials.

We provide comprehensive advice on rights to television formats. We support clients in securing their rights and participate in procedures for transfer and licensing of rights.

We advise clients operating on the advertising market and conducting surveys of media consumption. We offer services in particular to PR agencies, advertising agencies, media houses, and production studios.

We review advertising campaigns and marketing concepts with an eye to legal restrictions under applicable regulations, such as protection of minors and advertising of tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, and alcoholic beverages. We draft and review rules for promotions, competitions, casting calls, and lotteries.

We advise industry organisations and assist in self-regulatory procedures within the media industry.

We conduct training for producers, editorial teams and media groups on copyright, advertising law, unfair competition, internet law, and broadcasting law.