Services – State Aid & EU Funds

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We advise Polish and foreign entrepreneurs applying for state aid or benefiting from such aid.

We represent our clients in proceedings before EU institutions, the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, aid-granting bodies, and supervisory institutions.

We have assisted in drafting laws governing state aid and supported public and private parties in negotiating and concluding agreements involving state aid. On numerous occasions we have successfully acted for our clients before the European Commission in notification proceedings and in proceedings challenging aid allegedly granted unlawfully. Our experience includes sectors as various as the steel industry, shipbuilding, transport (rail, road, air and municipal), utilities, financial services, publishing, medical services, postal services, household appliances, paper mills, chemicals, mining, automotive, and municipal infrastructure.

We support our clients at all stages of the process of obtaining state aid, from advising on negotiation and implementation of incentives through issues related to monitoring and repayment of aid.

We advise businesses with respect to various aid instruments, such as financing from EU funds, tax relief in special economic zones, and other forms of regional investment support, multiyear programmes, sector-based instruments, investment incentive packages, aid for corporate restructuring and bailout, individual aid (including in connection with privatisation or sale of enterprises), fiscal aid, and compensation for services provided in the general economic interest.

As needed, we also rely in specific projects on the multidisciplinary support of lawyers from the firm specialising in such fields as infrastructure projectsenergyproject financedispute resolution, and corporate law.