Experience – State Aid & EU Funds

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State aid advice

Our experience in providing legal support for projects involving state aid includes such matters as:
  • Preparing a petition to the European Commission and representing the client before the Commission in a case involving unlawful state aid in the postal sector
  • Support for an international retail chain in a proceeding before the European Commission concerning the effects of use of aid granted under national regulations later found by the Commission to be inconsistent with EU law, including assessment of the obligation to repay the aid and analysis of the legal risks associated with the repayment obligation
  • Advice for a leader on the household appliances market in a proceeding seeking repayment of a grant in connection with changes in the company’s ownership structure
  • Advising and representing a power grid operator in connection with a major line investment (with notification proceedings resulting in full approval of the planned state aid)
  • Advice for the City of Warsaw in obtaining state aid for financing the second line of the Metro
  • Advising and representing the Polish Ministry of Treasury in proceedings before the European Commission concerning state aid for Polish shipyards, including with respect to sale of shipyard assets outside of bankruptcy procedures in order to carry out the decision of the Commission on repayment of aid
  • Representing a foreign bank in seeking support from a multiyear aid programme for a BPO centre
  • Representing a Polish steel mill in proceedings before the European Commission seeking approval of all state aid granted
  • Advice on greenfield investment projects
  • Involvement in German rail projects in western Poland and cooperation on rail projects in eastern Poland
  • Support and representation of a producer of engine parts in national proceedings involving state aid
  • Training and advice for a copper producer with respect to recording-keeping and reporting requirements concerning state aid received
  • Advice for Polish rail companies in proceedings before the European Commission concerning aid for restructuring and financing of investments in rail infrastructure
  • Advice for a German machinery producer in obtaining EU funding
  • Advice concerning a package of incentives for one of the world’s largest wood processors on a greenfield project (construction of a pulp processing plant for production of hygiene products).