2016 Yearbook

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2016 Yearbook

This is the 6th edition of our law firm’s Yearbook—a publication in which we discuss current legal issues with an impact on business. We write about changes in law and the hazards they can generate, as well as changes in the rulings issued by the courts. We strive to provide reliable signposts that can help identify solutions.

One of the basic tasks of a lawyer is to cultivate the rule of law on both a macro and a micro level. It is not just regulations that count, but legal culture as well.

Proper determination of subjective rights under the existing legal order lies at the foundations of the functioning of the rule of law. With skilful identification of the rights vested in individuals and economic entities, demands for protection of those rights can be formulated. If demands are not asserted to protect rights when they are threatened, there is no rule of law. The rule of law is a dynamic mechanism. Over time, governments draw up new economic and political programmes, and parliaments enact them. The changing conditions can make it difficult to properly determine these rights.

This will not be possible without cooperation between market participants and legal practitioners. Publications like ours are designed to encourage such cooperation. We seek to share our knowledge in pursuit of the common interest. We write about changes in law and the threats they can pose, and about new facets of the case law handed down by the courts. We hope to shed light on issues and help find solutions.