2015 Yearbook

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2015 Yearbook

We share with you now the 5th anniversary edition of our law firm’s Yearbook. As always, the articles are inspired by matters we have handled recently for our clients. We draw attention to issues that are likely to become particularly relevant in the months ahead. We write about opportunities and threats, legislative changes, and developments in the case law. We raise legal problems and suggest possible solutions.

The law changes. Customs, the economic environment, the social and political situation—they all change. Some of these changes seem to offer advantages while others appear to create risks, but our accuracy at predicting how change will affect us can vary wildly.

In this liquid reality, businesses must seek a modicum of stability they need for their commercial ventures to flourish. They must keep their eyes and ears open if they are to take optimal decisions when adjusting their operations to deal with ongoing changes.

Paradoxically, it can be easier to adjust to big changes. They are extensively analysed and commented on. A greater threat may be posed by matters that on the surface seem trivial, or thoroughly familiar, but can escape scrutiny and be overlooked.

In our publications we point out areas it is worth paying attention to in the upcoming months. We write about opportunities and threats, about changes in legislation and in rulings from the courts. Sometimes we raise questions to which no clear answer yet exists. This can also shed light on the situation, and that is what we hope to achieve with this, the fifth edition of our Yearbook.