The Gamedev CEO simulator

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The Gamedev CEO simulator

What legal traps can a developer fall into when creating a game? Find out by playing the role of Creative, Manager, Accountant or Consultant in the Gamedev CEO simulator game created by the Gaming practice at Wardyński & Partners.

What matters in game development? The concept, of course. Graphics. Playability.

But that’s not all. The law is lurking for creators too. The law helps those who know it, and catches out those who don’t.

Hence the series of articles on gaming on our In Principle portal and the Gamedev CEO simulator game (in the form of an interactive .pdf) developed by Monika A. Górska and Lena Marcinoska-Boulangé from the Gaming practice.

Can an image of a living person be used in a game? And the cityscape? Can the title of the game be anything? How to enter the stock market? How to cope during the pre-launch crush? And what do penguins have to do with it?

Come and join the fun!

For the best gaming experience, open in Adobe Acrobat.