Prosecuting rape: Theoretical and practical aspects

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Prosecuting rape: Theoretical and practical aspects

A monograph by Artur Pietryka on the prosecution of rape has been published. The book will be useful to anyone interested in the topic of violence, including sexual violence.

The book (in Polish) comprehensively examines the substantive and procedural aspects of prosecuting sexual assault. The author analyses such issues as:

  • The duty to report offences and the prosecution procedure
  • Conditions for interrogation of victims
  • The role and tasks of psychological and medical experts in the process of sexual assault prosecutions
  • The statistical picture of rape prosecutions in Poland.

The volume presents Polish and international institutions involved in prosecuting rape offences and protection of survivors against “re-victimisation” by the system. It also discusses the specific nature of these institutions from the perspective of protecting the interests of victims and suspects.