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Common Law Desk

Having been active on the Polish legal market for over 30 years, we realise that more and more matters involve structures based on or at least inspired by common-law systems (predominantly English and American).

Thus to properly assist clients under Polish law, more and more often lawyers need to have a sufficient understanding of certain common-law principles.

Our Common Law Desk comprises 5 dual-qualified lawyers (Polish adwokat or attorney-at-law and also solicitors of England and Wales) and the founding partner of the firm, Tomasz Wardyński CBE.

The team members represent most of the firm’s areas of expertise, including such core practices as dispute resolution, corporate and M&A, employment, banking & finance, and energy, to name a few.

We offer

  • A thorough grasp of common-law principles (based on English law)
  • An understanding of the legal consequences of applying specific common-law structures in contracts and other instruments
  • An ability to effectively implement certain common-law solutions to achieve similar effects under Polish law.

Over the years, the members of our Common Law Desk have had an opportunity to provide multidisciplinary assistance to a wide range of clients from different common-law jurisdictions in Poland, on the basis of Polish law.

We have assisted clients in virtually all areas of the firm’s expertise (detailed list available here), including participation in some of the biggest M&A transactions (including multinational projects), project financing and refinancing (typically governed by or at least based on English law), high-profile international litigation and arbitration, assistance in establishing clients’ Polish presence (including incorporation or acquisition of companies, business and employee transfers, related restructuring, contract drafting, obtaining regulatory approvals, etc), as well as ongoing local assistance related to existing businesses.

Our interdisciplinary team contributes to virtually all the firm’s publications. Most of them are available here.

Tomasz Wardyński CBE, adwokat (Poland) and founding partner of Wardyński & Partners. He handles arbitration proceedings involving foreign and domestic entities. He also practises civil, commercial and competition law and has experience in negotiations on large public projects. He was one of the first lawyers in Poland to develop a practice in EU law and competition law. Tomasz Wardyński is Honorary Legal Adviser to the British Ambassador in Warsaw.

Stanisław Drozd, partner, adwokat (Poland) and solicitor of England and Wales (not practising). He handles arbitration matters as well as dispute management, combining alternative methods for constructive resolution of complex commercial disputes.

Łukasz Lasek, partner, adwokat (Poland) and solicitor of England and Wales (not practising). He handles judicial and arbitration cases, particularly involving new technologies and intellectual property rights.

Marek Dolatowski, adwokat (Poland) and solicitor of England and Wales (not practising). He advises utilities and companies from the energy sector (including renewables) on regulatory, corporate, M&A, development and contractual matters, and represents clients before courts and regulatory authorities on energy-related issues.

Piotr Golędzinowski, attorney-at-law (Poland) and solicitor of England and Wales (not practising). He specialises in litigation and arbitration proceedings requiring deep knowledge of finance and accounting, particularly cases involving investment agreements and M&A.

Magdalena Świtajska, adwokat (Poland) and solicitor of England and Wales (not practising). She handles individual and collective labour law, in particular redundancies of senior managers and protected workers, restructuring, transfers, cross-border aspects of employment law, and employment-related civil and criminal matters.