Services – Retail & Distribution

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Retail & distribution

We support clients in selecting the sales model best suited to the goods and services they offer: mass distribution, selective distribution, agency or franchise, e-commerce, dropshipping, or various types of sales intermediation using internet platforms.

We draft documents setting forth the rules for cooperation between entities operating within the supply and distribution chain: distribution, agency and franchise agreements, general conditions for supply of goods or services, service level agreements, marketing agreements, agreements on processing of complaints under warranty and guarantee, contract manufacturing agreements and private label manufacturing agreements.

For clients operating online we prepare documents required by regulations on electronic services (general conditions of sale of goods or services, terms of use of websites, privacy policies).

We provide comprehensive advice for clients on permissible forms and requirements for concluding contracts at a distance.

We advise clients conducting wholesale and retail sales on a range of regulatory requirements, such as:

  • The need to obtain specific administrative licences to sell particular products
  • Rules for presentation of prices
  • Rules for ensuring proper labelling of products in specific categories
  • Packaging requirements
  • Obligations related to marketing of electrical appliances and electronic equipment
  • Cooperation with manufacturers and regulators in the event of withdrawal of products from the market.

We evaluate advertising campaigns for compliance with regulatory requirements, principles of fair competition, and fair market practices.

We represent clients before administrative authorities, during inspections, and in post-inspection proceedings, as well in disputes before the administrative courts.