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Maritime economy

From its beginnings the firm has handled matters involving the maritime economy, particularly the shipyard industry, sea transport and financing of shipbuilding.

Our clients include ferry operators, ship owners, and investment funds and banks financing maritime ventures. We advise international organisations on matters involving business operations outside of national jurisdiction. We act for enterprises investing in port real estate and pursuing complex ventures for offshore wind farming.

The firm’s lawyers speak at conferences on the maritime economy, exploration and exploitation of reserves in continental shelf zones and the ocean floor, operating and shipping in the Arctic region, and protection of biodiversity in maritime zones.

We are involved in protection of the marine environment, sustainable growth and management of the global resources of seas and oceans (ocean governance). We participate in consultations on new legal solutions and also formulate proposals for new regulations in the area of the international law of the sea.

One of the key fields of our advice in the sector of the maritime economy is exploration and exploitation of mineral resources from the floor of seas and oceans, including the continental shelf (in particular polymetallic, ferromanganese and phosphorite concretions). We advise on matters connected with the freedom to conduct scientific research in these areas, evaluation of environmental impact, and establishment of conditions for cooperation between enterprises, states, and the International Seabed Authority.


We advise on regulatory aspects, environmental protection and legal responsibility in connection with conducting business operations in maritime zones. We advise on environment impact assessment and the risk of liability flowing from operations involving exploration, identification and extraction of hydrocarbons in maritime zones.


We advise on contracts and liability rules for parties involved in shipping. We have a focus on atypical regulatory and contractual matters related to shipping safety (physical protection of ships in connection with piracy in high-risk areas) and specific conditions for operating in polar regions.