Services – Luxury Goods

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For years we have supported producers of luxury goods in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights.

Our clients include manufacturers of luxury perfumes, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, including sportswear and shoes, as well as automobiles, watches, and spirits.

We help them solve problems they can face on the Polish market, primarily combating infringement of industrial property rights and unfair competition. We look out for our clients’ trademarks, utility models, industrial designs and copyrights. We also track their use by unauthorised persons online.

We assist our clients in managing their portfolio of intellectual property rights and in IP transactions.

We advise and represent manufacturers of luxury goods before the civil and criminal courts in cases combating infringement of intellectual property rights and acts of unfair competition. We cooperate with the state authorities in proceedings involving infringing goods seized at the border.

We often assemble interdisciplinary teams made up of lawyers advising in various fields, and cooperate with numerous academic experts.