Services – Capital Markets

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For public companies and their shareholders

We advise our clients on the legal obligations of public companies, rules for operation of financial institutions, listing of securities, and transactions on the capital markets.

We represent public companies and their shareholders as well as financial institutions in their dealings with other capital market institutions and proceedings before regulators. We regularly conduct training for public companies in cooperation with the Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG). We also provide opinions on proposed legislation, including for the Polish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (PSIK).

We assist our clients in:

  • Public listing of securities, including structured products, principally stocks and bonds (drafting the prospectus or information memorandum)
  • Offerings to Polish investors of foreign securities and participation units in investment funds, including securities admitted into trading in other EU member states
  • Dual listing of securities on Polish and foreign markets
  • Conditions for trading in securities on the regulated and unregulated markets
  • Delisting of securities from public trading on the regulated market
  • Acquisition of large stakes of shares and fulfilment of related reporting requirements
  • Representing companies in proceedings before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and in dealings with the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the National Depository for Securities
  • Reporting obligations of public companies
  • Rules for protection of confidential information
  • Compliance with the Code of Best Practice of Warsaw Stock Exchange Listed Companies
  • Special rights and obligations of shareholders in public companies
  • Issuance of bank securities
  • Private placements of securities, including bond placements
  • Securitisation