Services – Agriculture

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Support for clients in the agricultural sector

We assist clients operating in the agricultural sector on such issues as:
  • Establishment and ongoing support for companies, cooperatives and agricultural producer groups
  • Agricultural property transactions between public and private entities (acquisition, tenancy and lease)
  • Land use for wind farms
  • Organic farming
  • All aspects of animal husbandry
  • Legal and administrative issues affecting the profitability of a given type of production
  • Regulations governing production of biogas, biofuels and power from biomass
  • Production and trading of different types of food products (such as enriched foods and products for special nutritional needs)
  • Food quality regulations (such as permissible levels of pesticide residues, and use of packaging and other materials coming into contact with foods)
  • Marketing and use of animal feeds and additives
  • Proper labelling and advertising of foods, including use of nutritional and health claims
  • Assessment of the permissibility of cultivating genetically modified organisms, their use in production of foods, and labelling of such foods
  • Constructing optimal systems for sales and distribution
  • Representing clients before inspection authorities and other administrative agencies, particularly in the case of inspections, administrative appeals, and review by the administrative courts of unlawful actions by administrative authorities
  • Legal aspects of specific types of agricultural and food production, including fisheries
  • Agreements for contract production, warehousing, shipping, insurance and other aspects of agricultural production
  • Due diligence of agricultural production enterprises.

Advice on environmental protection, especially regarding the impact of businesses on the environment, allows clients to avoid many legal risks and financial losses as well as take full advantage of opportunities afforded by national and EU legislation.

We provide advice to agricultural firms on different sources of financing, including credit and national and EU funds. We also advise on agricultural taxation, including taxation of special agricultural production subsectors.

We offer our clients comprehensive services related to securing and protecting product designations, obtaining certifications, and compliance with product quality and labelling requirements.

Our assistance also covers labour issues, including conclusion and termination of employment and civil-law contracts and temporary work and outsourcing contracts.

Our firm provides comprehensive legal support in disputes, in or out of court and at all stages. Our lawyers provide full legal representation in civil, commercial and administrative proceedings, before the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, province administrative courts, and civil courts at the trial and appellate levels.