Services – Real Estate

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We provide comprehensive advice on all legal aspects of the real estate market

We advise on civil, commercial and public law, including property rights, contracts, real estate management, development, construction, environmental protection, and reprivatisation.

We maintain contacts with the best advisers in the world and have access to global know-how, so we can provide the highest standard of customer service to our clients, according to international standards and including cross-border aspects. Our team members speak English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

We advise clients in real estate transactions involving both assets and shares. We indicate the most advantageous legal, financial and tax solutions and present the optimal transaction structure for the client. We prepare and negotiate transaction documentation (e.g. preliminary contracts, conditional contracts, and contracts transferring rights to real estate). We help to choose the most advantageous forms of contract security for the client. We advise in tender procedures and provide legal assistance in obtaining external project financing. We have established experience in virtually every type of transaction (e.g. sale and leaseback, build to suit).

We conduct comprehensive legal analyses of real estate (including undeveloped property, agricultural property, and property developed with retail, office, warehouse, industrial, and hotel buildings, multi-family and single-family residential buildings, and mixed-use buildings) and legal analyses of companies and other entities which are owners or perpetual usufructuaries of real estate. We identify legal risks and look for the optimal way for the client to reduce or eliminate them by applying appropriate safeguards.

We prepare and negotiate lease agreements for space in all types of facilities, e.g. office buildings, commercial centres and retail parks, warehouses, industrial plants, hotels, hospitals and apartments, for tenants as well as landlords. We have extensive experience in day-to-day support of commercial clients relating to the performance of lease agreements. We prepare additional agreements, annexes, termination notices, and legal opinions on issues arising in facility operations and landlords’ and tenants’ operations. We negotiate and draft tenancy agreements, including for agricultural properties.

We provide comprehensive legal services for all types of development of residential, office, retail, warehouse, hotel and industrial projects, including legal analysis of real estate, transactional and post-transactional services, representation before public administration authorities and courts in cases involving real estate development projects, negotiation and drafting of contracts with designers and builders, and pursuing claims against contractors.

We advise many clients from the hotel and leisure industry, including international hotel chains and nursing homes, as well as individual investors, on establishing and conducting business in Poland, analysing the legal status of real estate, carrying out transactions, negotiating and concluding various types of contracts concerning hotel operations, lease agreements, management contracts, franchise agreements, security instruments, and property portfolio management.

We represent clients in pre-trial activities, e.g. preparing a litigation strategy, draft summonses and calls for settlement attempts, and negotiate and draft terms of settlement of disputes, including construction disputes. We represent clients in court and administrative proceedings concerning in particular clarification of the legal status of real estate, claims concerning real estate, development and construction.

We assess the legal possibility of real estate development in accordance with planning regulations and construction law. We support investors in negotiations with the local administration over amendment or clarification of local development plans. We represent clients in administrative proceedings related to real estate development.

We carry out comprehensive analyses and activities aimed at clearing the legal status of real estate and companies for transaction purposes, in particular removal of encumbrances from land and mortgage registers.

We prepare opinions on civil, commercial and administrative legal issues related to real estate.