2017 Yearbook

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2017 Yearbook

The 2017 edition of the Wardyński & Partners Yearbook comes to you in a somewhat revised approach. Most of the articles by our lawyers are inspired by specific matters, but illustrating a broader truth that can be illuminating for others.

It’s no secret that predictions work best with hindsight, but this year venturing any forecasts seems particularly fraught with risk. Reality, including legal reality, has sped up greatly and the number of unknowns is mounting. There are so many recent and planned changes in law that they deserve a volume to themselves.

This is one of the reasons we are updating the approach of the Yearbook this time around, focusing primarily on issues faced by specific businesses. We describe the types of matters in which our clients more and more often seek our advice, as well as issues we have encountered for the first time, opening new fronts in our work for clients.

For the seventh year, we hope you find useful insight in our annual publication.