Pharmaceutical Package

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Pharmaceutical Package

Joanna Krakowiak and Marcin Rytel examine the planned reform of EU pharmaceutical law—the biggest in 20 years. How will the new regulations affect innovation and access to affordable medicines? Will they reduce the environmental impact of pharmaceutical production?

The stated aims of the EU’s pharma package are:

  • Creation of a single market for medicines
  • Reducing administrative burdens so medicines can reach patients faster
  • Better access to affordable medicines
  • Addressing shortages of medicines and ensuring security of supply
  • Fostering innovation and competitiveness
  • Producing more environment-friendly medicines
  • Reducing antimicrobial resistance
  • Better communication on public funding of pharmaceutical research.

In our report we discuss selected key changes which the package would make to EU pharmaceutical law. We focus on three of the aims of the legislation: supporting drug innovation, increasing access to drugs, and addressing environmental concerns.