Transfers of personal data under the GDPR

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Transfers of personal data under the GDPR

Iga Małobęcka-Szwast has authored a chapter in the first book in Poland comprehensively covering the issue of transferring personal data to third countries and international organisations.

The volume (in Polish) analyses in detail:

  • Each of the grounds for lawful transfer of personal data out of the EU pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Decisions in this area by the European Commission
  • Judgments on data transfers and their practical consequences
  • Guidelines from the European Data Protection Board
  • The practice of national data protection authorities
  • Issues of data flows within the corporate and HR context, and the activity of public entities.

The chapter by Iga Małobęcka-Szwast is devoted to the application of Commission decisions as the basis for data transfers.

The book also discusses the criteria for an adequate level of data protection in a third country, how to conduct a transfer impact assessment, and how to transfer personal data to the United Kingdom and the United States.