Karolina Parcheniak

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Karolina Parcheniak

Infrastructure and construction contracts, public procurement

Karolina Parcheniak advises Polish and foreign businesses implementing infrastructure projects, large-scale construction, and energy facilities. She applies her knowledge and experience at every phase of public procurement, including appeals, performance, and post-completion (e.g. preparing clients for pursuit of claims).

She also handles construction projects based on FIDIC contract terms. She has experience drafting and advising on civil contracts, in particular construction and works contracts. She has litigation experience in disputes before the National Appeal Chamber and the courts.

Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, University of Wrocław (law, administration)

Experience providing support for construction projects at a French design firm, and then as a lawyer at law firms in Wrocław

Wrocław Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law

“The impact of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation on the public procurement market” (co-author), 2024 Yearbook

“Indexation clauses in public contracts: Do they work?”, 2023 Yearbook