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Legal and tax advice

Legal and tax advice in the third decade of the 21st century will mean providing clients with security in taking personal and business decisions in an atmosphere of fiscal pressure and changing law.

We offer our clients secure solutions taking into account changes occurring in European and global advisory practice. We ensure the highest degree of discretion. In developing individual solutions for clients, we draw on the support of renowned advisory firms in Poland and abroad with whom we maintain professional ties. We cooperate closely with our clients’ advisers in managing their assets.

We support clients in asset planning and carrying out investment plans.

We assist in comprehensive reorganisation of assets located across numerous countries and in voluntary disclosure of foreign assets and corporate structures. Such projects include legal and tax analysis as well as ensuring proper reporting of actions taken in Poland and abroad.

We advise clients on tax and legal aspects of investments in all types of assets.

We are witnesses to the evolving needs of our clients.

Dynamic growth in clients’ global mobility—for private, professional and educational reasons—impacts the nature of family relationships. Multinational families have a greater need than others for support in complying with current tax reporting obligations and in carrying out international ventures.

Our ongoing support primarily involves preparation and filing of tax declarations.

Flexible moves between jurisdictions also require the free flow of funds, without unnecessary taxation, and elimination of the risk of imposition of exit taxes in Poland or other countries.

In response to our clients’ needs, we advise on establishment of trusts and foreign foundations, as well as proper taxation of distributions from such structures.

We also support clients in connection with changes in residence and citizenship.

We support clients in reorganising their business operations.

As a law firm, we advise family firms across all areas of their activity. In our tax advisory practice for private clients we are involved primarily in legal and tax advice on asset management, as well as succession of personal and business assets, corporate reorganisations, and transactions involving sale and purchase of assets.

We advise clients on the tax consequences of international estate planning and succession to assets located outside Poland or from persons who are not Polish citizens. Our experience includes inheritance in common-law jurisdictions (trusts and estates), as well as inheritance under other civil-law jurisdictions.