Services – Bankruptcy

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Comprehensive legal support in the bankruptcy field

With our many years of experience, we provide comprehensive support in commencing and pursuing bankruptcy proceedings, for both debtors and creditors.

We also advise in proceedings with international consequences. This particularly involves pre-insolvency proceedings designed to head off bankruptcy, as well as bankruptcy proceedings. We have a wealth of experience applying European insolvency law (Regulation (EC) 1346/2000 and the recast Regulation (EU) 2015/848).

We provide legal assistance to Polish and foreign debtors, as well as creditors pursuing claims against debtors who have delayed filing a bankruptcy petition or who have taken up out-of-court negotiations with their creditors. Our lawyers have a wide range of litigation experience representing creditors and debtors before bankruptcy courts in cases seeking a declaration of bankruptcy as well as in various disputed matters with bankruptcy aspects.

We advise on the effectiveness of contractual provisions and security interests established during the runup to a bankruptcy filing and their effect on the legal situation of creditors after bankruptcy is declared. We advise clients in preparing and conducting “pre-pack” liquidation proceedings. We represent both corporate managers and creditors in proceedings seeking damages for failure to file a timely bankruptcy petition and in proceedings seeking to prohibit managers from operating businesses.

We also maintain contacts with trusted, collegial foreign law firms. When needed we can conduct matters with aspects of foreign law together with lawyers in other jurisdictions—whether this involves legal representation in insolvency cases or obtaining opinions on foreign law.

We participate in conferences on insolvency law in Poland and abroad. We are members of Polish and international organisations and teams involved in bankruptcy topics and work on new legislative solutions.