Services – Protection of Personal Interests

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Protection of Personal Interests

We advise individuals conducting public activity, as well as legal entities, on how to protect their personal interests and how to safely and effectively exploit their personal interests in commerce. We also help combat infringements of personal interests.

We advise public individuals and businesses in protection of personal interests, such as image, honour, dignity, reputation, renown and privacy.

In particular, we represent our clients in legal relations with the media and also help mitigate risks to reputation in crisis situations. We support initiatives seeking to protect the reputation and positive perception of brands.

We effectively represent our clients in judicial proceedings seeking economic and moral protection of personal interests. On behalf of our clients, we seek injunctions to cease and desist infringement, publication of corrections and apologies, and payment of moral and economic damages.

We draft legal opinions on protection of personal interests in commercial, political, media and marketing activity.