Experience – Government Claims

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Among the matters we are currently conducting:

  • We represent an investor on the real estate market in Warsaw in a case seeking damages from the City of Warsaw for unlawful refusal to issue a planning decision for construction of a residential estate.
  • We represent an investor on the real estate market in Pomerania seeking damages from the State Treasury (construction supervision) for issuance of invalid decisions revoking a building permit for construction of an estate of houses on the Baltic coast.
  • We represent property owners in cases against the State Treasury seeking compensation for expropriation of real estate for construction of local roads, expressways and bypasses in Masovia, including within Warsaw, and for compensation for deterioration in value due to expropriation of a portion of the property.
  • We represent real estate owners in judicial proceedings against public entities seeking payment of compensation for non-contractual use of land and buildings, compensation for deterioration in value, and disgorgement of benefits obtained from the property.
  • We represent clients in litigation against the State Treasury and local governments seeking compensation for losses caused by failure to issue administrative decisions.
  • We represent clients in judicial proceedings against the State Treasury seeking damages for losses caused by depriving them of their exercise of pre-emptive rights to acquire land transferred to a special economic zone and developed with a large manufacturing plant.
  • We represent a large enterprise which is the perpetual usufructuary of land in Wielkopolska in a case against the local commune for damages for depriving the property of development possibilities in the newly adopted local zoning plan.
  • We represent the owner of property seeking damages for delay in paying compensation for expropriation and defective and overlengthy conduct of the expropriation proceedings.
  • We represent an enterprise in a dispute against a regional court seeking compensation for injury caused by issuance of an erroneous judgment.