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ESG and sustainable development

We assist businesses, NGOs, and central and local governmental bodies in bringing their operations into compliance with the requirements of existing and planned sustainability regulations, including environmental, social and governance issues (ESG).

We identify needs tailored to our clients’ guiding values and deliver individual solutions not only ensuring legal security but also helping our clients meet their business and social aims.

We actively support clients in:

  • Non-financial reporting
  • Developing sustainability compliance procedures
  • Framing marketing messages consistent with consumer protection law (minimising the risk of greenwashing)
  • Establishing cooperation between businesses fostering sustainability while complying with competition law
  • Due diligence in the area of sustainability and ESG factors
  • Drafting internal employee policies, such as ethical codes and antidiscrimination policies
  • Examining the regulatory environment of planned projects
  • The product life cycle from design to reuse (circular economy)
  • Environmental standards, waste management, emissions regulations, and climate change
  • Regulatory aspects of green energy projects (onshore and offshore wind energy, photovoltaics, hydrogen technologies, biogas, energy clusters), including advice on merger control aspects.

We also offer individual workshops on sustainability and ESG for management and staff, raising awareness of regulations impacting the client’s operating sector.