Services – Corporate Accounting

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Corporate accounting—relevant in transactions and litigation

We provide legal services related to the financial analysis of businesses. We advise on development of the optimal structure for financing companies, and in particular for planning capital expenditures. Experience and knowledge in accounting are particularly important in mergers and acquisitions, which require negotiation of agreements tied to financial benchmarks.

We also advise on and draft documents for the purpose of modifications in corporate financing structures, particularly capital increases and reductions, share redemptions, and sources for financing share redemption programmes. We also analyse valuations prepared by auditors for purposes of corporate reorganisations, mergers and divisions.

We provide ongoing legal advice on financing of newly established entities, rules for distribution of profit and coverage of losses in companies, payment of advance dividends, acquisition of the company’s own shares to the extent permitted by law, and shifting assets between different types of capital funds. We conduct financial analyses connected to the grounds for declaration of corporate bankruptcies.

Our corporate accounting services are also used by clients we are representing in litigation or arbitration. We actively cooperate with private experts on accounting and enterprise valuation, and assess the work of experts hired by the opponent or appointed by the court.

Advice on corporate accounting also has applications in a range of corporate disputes related to dealings between shareholders. We also apply knowledge from this field in proceedings seeking interim relief, where the dispute often centres on financial issues.

Given the wide range of matters requiring knowledge of corporate accounting, the members of the practice include lawyers handling corporate transactions as well as providing ongoing corporate advice, and lawyers from the litigation practice.