Services – Construction Contracts, FIDIC

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Construction contracts & FIDIC

Comprehensive legal advice for all entities involved in infrastructure projects based on construction contracts, including contracting under FIDIC conditions.

We draft and advise on construction contracts, subcontracts, design contracts, and agreements for design supervision, investor supervision, and contract engineer services. For banks, we also review contracts for construction works to identify financial risks (e.g. agreements with general contractors or contract engineers).

We provide legal assistance in negotiation of contract conditions between the parties and with financial institutions, including work aimed at optimising contractual solutions.

We advise on appointment of contractors for construction work and preparation of proceedings for award of contracts for construction work under the public procurement regime, as well as verifying bids by contractors.

We also provide comprehensive legal advice connected with management of construction contracts and ongoing legal support during construction, including legal analysis of circumstances affecting the liability of participants in the development process. We support contractors and investors in administrative proceedings during the construction process, including procedures for obtaining administrative permits and decisions. We take part in negotiations with NGOs involving possible environmental impacts of development projects.

We advise contractors and investors on assertion and review of claims arising during contract performance. We offer a full range of legal support in disputes between parties to construction contracts and disputes with the contract engineer. We represent parties before dispute adjudication boards, arbitral tribunals and state courts in construction matters, with a particular focus on disputes arising under FIDIC contract conditions.