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Individual and collective employment law

For many years we have provided legal advice on individual and collective employment law from a Polish, European and international perspective. Our practice includes social insurance and legalisation of work and stay in Poland by foreign citizens. We also conduct employment litigation in courts of all instances throughout the country.

We offer our clients assistance at every stage of their business operations, providing specifically tailored solutions to assure full legal compliance and achieving the client’s business goals.

Through close cooperation with other teams, we develop comprehensive solutions reflecting not only employment issues, but also the related issues of civil, corporate, tax and criminal law.

We provide comprehensive advice and active legal assistance to our clients in the following areas:

  • Employment structures, establishing and terminating employment relationships, including negotiations, hiring of management and key employees, as well as “difficult layoffs” of high-level and protected employees
  • Employment restructuring, including e.g. the construction of an internal employer, individual and group layoffs, transfer of undertaking, M&A transactions, and outsourcing of staff
  • Atypical, flexible forms of employment, such as temporary work or employment under civil-law service contracts
  • Litigation before all courts and settlement negotiations in employment disputes involving such issues as mobbing, discrimination, work accidents, employee claims resulting from termination and social benefit packages
  • Risk management, e.g. due diligence, forensic audits, and criminal investigations of employee misconduct
  • Internal codes and policies, such as work regulations and remuneration regulations, ethical codes, anti-discrimination policies, policies for employee monitoring and privacy, staff use of the employer’s property and responsibility for the employer’s property
  • Remuneration, incentive and benefit schemes for staff at various levels
  • Monitoring of staff and protection of employee privacy with respect to such issues as AV monitoring, monitoring of e-mail on the employer’s server, and monitoring of staff activity on social networking sites
  • Mobbing and protection of personal integrity
  • Discrimination in employment and alternative forms of hiring (e.g. for management board members or freelance personnel), in particular in the area or remuneration, access to training and promotion
  • Personal data protection in employment relations
  • Relations with trade unions, including negotiations, collective bargaining agreements, collective disputes and strikes
  • Works councils and employee representatives, information and consultation obligations
  • Employment issues associated with formation and operation of a European Company (SE), such as agreements, special negotiating bodies, and European Works Councils
  • Work accidents, e.g. post-accident investigations, risk management, and employee claims
  • Occupational health and safety, including compliance programmes in cooperation with occupational health and safety specialists
  • Social insurance, including social insurance coverage for foreigners with different types of status in Poland, the EU and other countries
  • Legalisation of work and stay of citizens of foreigners in Poland, including such personnel as management board members, staff of diplomatic and consular missions, and religious organisations, with respect to matters such as work permits, visas and residence cards
  • Conducting disputes before administrative authorities with respect to legality of work and stay by citizens of third countries in Poland, including deportation proceedings
  • Inspections by the State Labour Inspectorate
  • Certification and operation of employment agencies
  • Training in employment matters targeted to managers and staff at various levels
  • Pre-employment screening