Panel discussion: “Business 2030–2050: Limited resources, unlimited possibilities?”

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Panel discussion: “Business 2030–2050: Limited resources, unlimited possibilities?”

The European Green Deal is intended to cut greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a climate-neutral Europe. We will lead a panel discussion on these goals at the 10th European Forum for New Ideas.

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions requires a fundamental transformation of the EU economy. This is to be done while respecting the principle of social justice. Reducing emissions will require implementation of a circular economy with three priority concepts in mind: reduce, reuse, recycle.

At the EFNI, this topic will be discussed by:

  • Katarzyna Byczkowska (managing director, BASF Polska)
  • Mirosław Proppé (CEO, WWF Poland)
  • Joanna Kulczycka (director of the Strategic Research Division, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Anna Sapota (VP Governmental Affairs Eastern Europe North, TOMRA).

The moderator will be Dominik Wałkowski from our firm’s Environment practice.

Together the panellists will seek answers to key questions related to the ecological economic transformation of the EU:

  • Can businesses pursuing the aims of the circular economy remain competitive with entities from outside the EU?
  • Are new resources, materials and technologies necessarily better, safer and more nature-friendly than those that have been used for years?
  • Will we be faced with reduced consumption, and thus reduced production and less economic growth?
  • Is a world without waste possible—can the circle be closed?
  • What impact will legal regulations have on the speed and quality of the approaching changes?

Wardyński & Partners is a supporting partner of EFNI 2021.

More information at the EFNI website.