New video series: News from Poland—Business & Law

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New video series: News from Poland—Business & Law

The programme is a synthesis of important current events in the Polish economy and changes to Polish law, especially those that may concern management board members and affect the risk of serving on boards.

The programme is addressed to foreign directors of Polish companies, foreign investors in Poland, and their foreign lawyers.

Konrad Grotowski, head of the firm’s Restructuring & Bankruptcy practice, is the host of the programme. Every episode contains a short summary of the general picture of the Polish economy and an additional current subject discussed by Konrad or an invited guest.

So far, three episodes of the programme have been released:

Episode 1: Moratorium on filing bankruptcy petitions

Episode 2: Simplified restructuring procedure

Episode 3: Changes in the Public Procurement Law (discussed by Mirella Lechna-Marchewka)


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