Legal Hackathon 2022

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Legal Hackathon 2022

It’s time for the next edition of the marathon when lawyers and programmers join forces, with support from project managers, analysts and marketers, to conquer legal tech challenges. Once again, our law firm is a partner for the event. This year the Legal Hackathon will be held on 3–5 June.

Mentors assisting participants this year will include Lena Marcinoska-BoulangéKatarzyna Magnuska and Krzysztof Wojdyło (who will also serve as a juror).

In this year’s edition the user is placed front and centre, whether that is the immediate beneficiary (such as a war refugee), or a lawyer trying to start a practice in a new town, or a business owner or immigrant exploring a new sales market.

The first day of the hackathon is the conceptual phase and a time for forming teams. On the second day, contestants will start work on a preliminary model or prototype of their solution, and on the third day, using presentation materials, they will showcase their solution for the jury.

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