GDPR Commentary

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GDPR Commentary

We are launching a new online legal commentary—this time on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. We focus on the most important aspects in practice.

The GDPR has been with us for over five years, but its requirements can still pose mysteries. The regulation contains many imprecise concepts, vague clauses and generalisations, creating room for different interpretations. Hence the idea for a living (continually updated) commentary on the GDPR.

We want to help people dealing with this regulation on an everyday basis in interpreting the provisions and carrying out their obligations under the GDPR.

To start, we encourage you to read our comments on Art. 1–11 GDPR (the general provisions and the main rules for processing personal data), as well as comments on data security, data breaches, and data protection inspectors. We will regularly be posting new comments. In late April we plan to post commentary on exercise of the rights of data subjects.

The authors of the commentary are Łukasz Rutkowski and Karolina Romanowska.

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