Dispute over conditions at psychiatric centre in Gostynin

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Dispute over conditions at psychiatric centre in Gostynin

At the request of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Wardyński & Partners is representing pro bono a resident of the National Centre for Combating Antisocial Behaviours in Gostynin, in a suit against the State Treasury for infringement of the plaintiff’s personal interests.

A man staying at the centre in Gostynin sued the State Treasury, seeking compensation for infringement of his personal interests and an injunction against further infringements, related to the conditions of his stay at the centre.

The suit involves allegations of hindering the plaintiff’s contact with his family, lack of proper healthcare, unlawful application of physical restraints, and overcrowding of the room where the man is staying. Other allegations involve inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature with the psychologist. According to the claim, notes from the discussions and therapy are shared with the entire staff of the centre.

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights joined the suit as part of its Strategic Litigation Programme.

The matter is being led by Łukasz Lasek and Piotr Golędzinowski from the firm’s Dispute Resolution & Arbitration practice.