Suez Group and Schwarz Group

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Suez Group and Schwarz Group

PreZero, a company belonging to the Schwarz Group, has acquired part of the Suez Group involved in collection and segregation of waste and recovery of raw materials and energy from waste. In Poland the subject of the transaction was 100% of the shares of Suez Polska sp. z o.o., which owns several subsidiaries.

The transaction, which also covered Dutch, German and Luxembourgish jurisdiction, was valued at EUR 1.1 billion.

The part of the Suez Group, acquired by PreZero, is a market leader in Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Poland, operating in 125 locations and employing 6,700 people.

Lawyers at the firm involved in the project included Krzysztof Libiszewski, Katarzyna Wójcik-Bąkowska and Marek Dolatowski.

The transaction closed on 31 May 2021.